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Xarus is a site that was created for everyone to kick back, forget about life, and just unravel. Xarus offers a quality entertainment, support, resources, and a bunch of other stuff and the best part is its for free! Plus, if there is anything that you think should be added or if there are any questions you have, we welcome requests or comments either by an email to Xarus@Xarus.net or thorugh the site contact form.

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Latest News!
Xarus Back From the Dead
Thursday, July 26, 2007
Xarus News
Welcome back to Xarus, and sorry about the site being down for the last two weeks. I went on vacation and forgot to renew the domain name for the site before I left, but now that I'm back, I got things back in order. Sorry again to everyone for all the confusion and any trouble this may have caused, but welcome back!
-Xarus Administration
Xarus Version 3.0
Sunday, April 22, 2007
Xarus News
Well, even though it took a lot longer than expected, its finally here. Version 3.0 of Xarus, with a fresh new look that diverts from anything I've ever made in my life. Now, I bring you the simple Xarus thats easier on the eyes, and easy to use. Hope you enjoy the new Xarus design.
-Xarus Administration
Xarus Starts Support for Fair Use 4 WM
Monday, February 19, 2007
Xarus News
DRM has begun to plague our music industry, but Xarus is starting another strong front to fight it! This has been a project of the Xarus Team for quite some time now, but we believe we have developed a good understanding of DRM and how to get rid of it from our music and now we're passing a gift on to our visitors. Enjoy the new section.
-Xarus Administration