Entertainment Center
The quickest route to find ways to kill time.

It looks like you have found the entertainment center of Xarus. Well, welcome to the section of Xarus that is dedicated to finding all the ways we can to use up the extra time you have. If there is something else you want to see added, like always, just contact the Xarus Team.

Arcade - The Xarus Arcade is the quickest and best source of quality flash games. It has a wide variety of games that range from shooting to analytical. Requires Xarus Membership.

Army System - Want to start up a mini army and take on the other members of Xarus. Well, this would be the place to show your skills.Requires Xarus Membership.

Radio Stations - Xarus offers many radio stations that are here for your entertainment. Take a look and find one that suits your tastes.

Videos - This section has plenty of videos to keep you entertained. This section is expected to grow gradually over time.