Linking Guidelines
Guidelines regarding linking to Xarus.

Xarus appreciates your interest in linking your web site to the Xarus's Web site, located (the "Xarus Site"). When we refer to ourselves as "the site," "we," or "Xarus," we mean our entire website, including any websites under our control (for example, a subsidiary that we own). In order to avoid misunderstandings regarding the use of Xarus's trademarks, trade names and other proprietary information, Xarus requires that agree to the following guidelines. By linking to this site, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to the Linking Guidelines. If you do not agree to the Linking Guidelines, you may not link to the site, or any subsidiary that we own.

Use of Xarus Trademarks
Except as expressly provided in the link guidelines documentation, no permission is granted to use Xarus's name, logo, trademarks, trade names or trade dress for any reason.

Xarus grants you a nonexclusive, limited license to use the Xarus logo and/or trade name for the purpose of identifying your link to the Xarus site. This limited license is solely for use in identifying the link and may not be used for commercial purposes.

No linking is permitted just to attract attention or to suggest any endorsement or sponsorship by, or affiliation with Xarus.

Use of Xarus Content
Unless specifically authorized by Xarus and you have received specific written permission from Xarus, you may not (i) connect “deep links” to the Site. Example: Creating links to this site that bypass the home page or other parts of the Site. You may not mirror or frame the home page or any other pages of this Site on any other web site or web page. (ii) alter or modify Xarus Content, or (iii) "cut and paste" or otherwise reproduce Xarus Content on the Linking Site.

Your link must be to the current Xarus site only. In permitting linking, Xarus does not grant you the right to reproduce, modify, cache or archive the Xarus Content for any purpose.

Link At Your Own Risk
Xarus makes no representations or warranties regarding the Xarus site and its Content, which is provided "as is." Additional restrictions and limitations on liability regarding the Xarus site and the Xarus Content are set out in the Legal Documentation and apply to all users who access the Xarus site, including users who link from the Linking Site. Linking Sites link to the Xarus site at their own risk. Xarus is under no obligation to maintain the Xarus site, provide or update Xarus Content or otherwise support your link to the Xarus site.

Xarus may revoke this license immediately if you fail to follow these guidelines. Xarus may revoke this license to an individual, a site, an organization, or any person(s) Xarus wishes to with a five (5) days notice without cause.